Agritech and traditional farming

Agritech and traditional farming

How can Agritech transform traditional farming methods to be more profitable?

New Age Technology in Agriculture

Two of humanity's most serious threats, population growth and climate change, will have a direct impact on agriculture's future. With more mouths to feed and less planet to feed them on, crop agriculture innovators must figure out how to grow more food, faster, with fewer resources by developing new technologies to sustainably scale up the planet's food production mechanisms. To meet these challenges, governments, investors, and innovative agricultural technologies will need to work together. Agritech aims to improve farming by monitoring and analysing weather, pests, soil, and air temperature data.

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What is AgriTech?

Agritech, also known as AgTech, is a term used in agriculture to describe the application of computer science, engineering, and information technology to agricultural processes. Agriculture is one of the world's most important industries. It is so significant that it initiates numerous technological innovations aims at making farming more profitable, efficient, and environmentally sustainable. Agritech is one of these technologies, which is revolutionising the farming industry by increasing efficiency and making it easier for farmers to adopt.

People in cities may have misconceptions about agriculture, believing it to be old or associates with a quaint way of life. In reality, the agricultural sector is evolving in dynamic ways with global implications. To address its most pressing challenges, the agricultural industry is rapidly adopting technology.

Agritech is nothing more than computers, software, and the internet that can increase efficiency in agricultural processes such as planting, harvesting, and fertilising plants. These tools can save farmers time and money by reducing the amount of manual labour requires for each task. AgriTech innovations, which frequently revolve around Internet of Things (IoT) applications, are assisting farmers in achieving work-life balance faster, smarter, and less wastefully.

How is AgriTech transforming the agriculture industry?

Agri-Tech in Traditional Farming

According to a World Government Summit report, agritech can categorize into three major general trends. They are as follows:

  • Technologies that “produce differently using new techniques”
  • Technologies that bring food production to consumers while increasing food chain efficiencies
  • Cross-industry technology and applications

Smart farming tools like autonomous tractors, fruit-picking robots, and fertilizer-spraying drones may sound like science fiction fantasies, but these technologies are already in use in our fields today.

Innovative IoT agricultural technologies are already using for a variety of farming applications. Major use cases include:

  • Integrated data collection using a variety of field and farm sensors, such as autonomous vehicle sensors, controllers, wearables, and video cameras.
  • Geofencing enabled by wireless IoT sensors to manage field access
  • Remote greenhouse and field management via IoT monitoring
  • Drones and robotics for irrigation, crop health control and assessment, field spraying, etc.

Hydroponics, a cultivation method that leaves behind soil in favour of mineral nutrients in a water-based solution, is another innovative agritech technique that provides an alternative in locations where growing conditions are difficult. This method is frequently using in vertical farming. Vertical Farming is a method of growing crops vertically stacked to save space and in a controlled environment.

Robotics also offers a glimpse into the future of precision agriculture. Here robots pick the crops and monitor soil humidity to eliminate the possibility of water waste.

Why should you create an AgriTech product?

Agritech is having a significant impact on the entire food supply chain, using technologies such as the internet of things and blockchain to reduce waste while also improving food traceability.

The global agritech market was valued at $17,442.7 million in 2019 and is expected to grow to $41,172.5 million by 2027. North America, APAC, and Europe led the agritech market in 2019, accounting for 38.59% of total revenue. With a population increase to 10 billion by 2050, 37% of the global land area will be classified as farming land. This is primarily due to the vast amount of food that must be produced and consumed.

Farmers must make dozens of timely and effective decisions at every stage of the agricultural lifecycle. Crop selection, soil preparation, fertiliser application, seed sowing, irrigation, weed control, harvesting, and storage were previously determined by instincts, manual calculations, and subjective opinions.

Agricultural decision-makers can now save time, get accurate predictions, and make better decisions by implementing innovative agricultural ideas powered by machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

AI and machine learning-based agricultural technologies can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from predictive analytics for crop sustainability and demand forecasting to proactive identification of weed and crop infections and sustainable harvesting with minimal waste. AI-based robots are another application of new technologies in agriculture. These can be used in a variety of ways, including smart cattle herding.

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