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Being a successful outsourcing company since 2012, we believe ​that the ​ advantages of an offshore development center for software development clearly outweigh its disadvantages.

Application development and Maintenance

We are passionate about working in enterprise business solutions for our customers and are prudent in our project selection. Our core competency is in web / cloud / mobile application development and maintenance.

Hire us to fulfill your Desire

You can hire our knowledgeable and experienced software developers to fulfill your product ideas and to maintain your business applications. We offer affordable,​ value added engagement models like:

  • Monthly retainer
  • Fixed price
  • Time and Material
  • Build Operate and Transfer
  • Offshore Development Centre


A multilingual​ website to search and find cars of your choice.​

keep Me Trained


A one stop portal for students and corporates to find Training programs, Training Institutes and Trainers.

Auto SLM


Sales Lead Management application ​popularly ​ used by ​automotive ​ dealers in UK, South Africa, Poland and USA.


Automotive Sales Management ​Software to analyzing ​financial health ​of the dealers and boost ​their ​ sales profits.


As developers of lead management solutions for the automotive industry, we have to constantly develop our product to maintain our competitive edge and keep ahead of the competition.

LoreMine have helped us along the way. We have been using them as an extension of our development team almost from the day they started in business. We consider them a valuable partner and contributor to our success and will continue to use them in all areas of our business.

In outsourcing software development, one hears many horror stories, so partners have to be chosen very carefully and we know that we made the right choice with LoreMine.

Alan Hazelhurst

Managing Director
autoSLM Limited, Wakefield, United Kingdom.

This LoreMine development team from India plays an integral role in supporting us technically on a daily basis. They are always accountable and responsive, this coupled with their skills in Coldfusion and PHP development as well as Project Management are Productive.

LoreMine do what they commit.

Marcus Badach

Managing Director
Pipeline Guru Lead Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd., Cape Town, SA.

We have worked with Loremine Technologies for few years now. We needed a substantial development team with excellent technical ability to develop our software application and that is exactly what we received.

The team at Loremine Technologies understood the high standards that our company have, nothing was too much trouble for them and the end results they produced surpassed our expectations not only in the technical side but also delivering within the time limits set out. I would recommend Loremine Technologies for any business looking at offshore software development.

Stacey Waller

Founder & Director
AutoiDoc Limited, Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

Cheers to the whole team of Loremine Technologies. They have done a fantastic job in designing and programming our website Keepmetrained.com. Very much pleased with the efforts they have put to create what we have envisioned for our company’s website. They have always supported us with suggestions and creative ideas to make our website a knowledgeable and efficient one. We look forward to working with them in future in the third phase development of Keepmetrained and other projects. We have full confidence and trust on their leadership and on the team. Wishing them all the very best for taking the organisation to greater heights.

Maria Jacob

Co-founder & Director
KeepmeTrained Private Limited., Hyderabad, India.


We are a reliable offshore development team. Engage our services for cost-effective, high quality IT solutions to build and promote your business. Our service offerings include

Enterprise business solutions

Every enterprise is different but they all have one thing in common: the aspiration for excellence. Our experienced enterprise web application developers can help you identify and implement IT solutions that will enable your enterprise to excel.

Web/Cloud application development

Data that is globally accessible 24x7 helps you stay ahead of the game. Whether you want it on the web or on Amazon cloud, we can build and implement it for you. Contact us for smart web application developers.

Mobile application development

Most applications can now be accessed via iOS, Android or Windows mobile devices. Such accessibility saves time, provides flexibility and gives people access to information anywhere anytime. Our mobile application developers can make applications mobile-friendly for you.

Digital Marketing

Promoting your business via online networks and social media communities can bring in unexpected growth for you. This includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Google Ads etc. Our experienced team can help you with all and more of these.

UI/UX engineering

User acceptance or rejection of an application is directly linked to User Interface and User Experience. Our web designers can build an interface which is intuitive, quick and user friendly.


We are careful to evaluate all new technology offerings before we decide to work with them. Our decision to work with a particular technology is driven by industry standards, best practices, framework, security aspects, performance requirements and quality parameters. The technologies we are currently working with include:

Ruby on Rails

RoR, the MVC based web application development framework emphasizes the use of Convention over Configuration (CoC), Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) and Active Record patterns. Rails has become a primary choice for rapid web application development.


Perhaps the best open-source web application development framework single page applications (SPA)/single page interface (SPI) using HTML, CSS and Javascript. We have talented AngularJS developers on our team.


This is probably the most popular and powerful server-side scripting language for web application development. MVC (model-view-controller) based frameworks such as Yii help PHP to build robust and scalable applications. You can entrust projects to our PHP Yii developers.


A rapid web application development platforms with simple tag based syntax, CFML is still dear to developers. With the advent of Railo, an open-source which supports both CMFL and CF script, the cost of ownership has reduced drastically.


The versatile cross-platform JS library for client-side scripting has become an integral part of web application development. Implementation of DOM elements, event handling and AJAX is made easy with Jquery library.


MySQL’s dynamic features include cross platform support, stored procedures, transactions with save points, ACID compliance, query caching, full text indexing and search support, Unicode support among others. MySQL is one of the most widely used databases by programmers.


Microsoft SQL server is a relational database management system used with Windows platforms. Database developers can choose from several editions of MS SQL server and pick what best suits their needs.

Hire Us

We are affordable and reliable. We are flexible and transparent. We are neither cheap nor expensive. We are cost effective and economical. Engage us with your preferred method.


The Retainer billing model is based on the skill level of the resource. Any number of IT resources can be hired for a predefined time period. This engagement model is useful for clients who prefer to manage their own software Projects.

Fixed Price

In the FP model, IT project cost and timelines are established prior to project commencement. This engagement model is ideal when the project scope, project schedule and software requirements are clearly defined.

Time and Material

In the T&M model, the software project cost is determined by project execution time and resources deployed. This engagement model is useful for complex IT projects prone to multiple specification and design iterations. The T&M model offers greater flexibility for clients who look for agile and extreme programming.

Offshore Development Center

In the ODC model, a development center is setup outside the client's premises. The client assures work for a dedicated number of resources for a predetermined period of time. The ODC is solely engaged to develop and support software solutions and application programming for clients and is usually a long term engagement.

Build Operate Transfer

BOT model starts off as an ODC with buy out options once the IT engagement fulfils a minimum pre agreed price and stipulated time frame. This engagement model offers our clients all the benefits of an ODC with options to transfer it as their own subsidiary.

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We will be happy to answer your questions about outsourcing and offshore development in India. We will be happier to discuss your project and product development requirements.

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