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We are a good team of software developers with strong technical skills in developing web and mobile applications. Most of our projects are implemented on the AWS cloud platforms. We thrive in a creative workplace where design, technology, and innovation are the driving forces behind the business. Our Services includes Web application development, Mobile application development, Application Maintenance, and Technology & Database Migration.


Web, PWA & Mobile Applications

Web application development, Progressive Web Application development and Mobile application development are our core competency areas. We have skilled developers in different technologies who are capable of handling any client requirements.

Our tailored Software Outsourcing Services offer unparalleled expertise, ensuring your projects are executed seamlessly and with unmatched precision. Discover how LoreMine can elevate your business through our Outsourcing Expertise.

With LoreMine's offshore development services, we bring together a talented pool of offshore developers, designers, and project managers who collaborate seamlessly with your team to craft robust software solutions.


LoreMine Technologies has grown into an international software engineering competitor with broad expertise in all areas required for dependable software development company.


Application Maintenance

Our experience in different verticals like finance, insurance, compliance, auditing, sales, education, reality, food, agriculture, etc. helps us maintain and enhance the projects as per client requirements. Business continuity at cost-effective rates keeps our customers satisfied.

We evaluate existing legacy systems and upgrade languages, technologies, interfaces, and databases as needed for modernization and migration.

We consistently monitor and analyse your app’s performance and provide critical debugging services, resolving minor issues before they become major.

Our experts offer ongoing application monitoring and support to ensure that your custom websites and apps are performing optimally.


Technology and Database Migration

It becomes imperative to migrate legacy applications to newer and better technologies at some point. Our experience in different technologies and databases ensures a smooth transition from an old system to a new one.

Industries We Serve

LoreMine Technologies has a track record of providing solid custom software solutions to a wide range of industries such as

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Fintech & Insurance
  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • Media
  • Public Sector

Agile Software Development Methodology

Agile methodology is a popular and preferred choice for software development. It is an iterative approach that is responsive to changing business needs and emphasises collaboration and open communication among cross-functional teams at all stages of the Software development life cycle.
LoreMine Technologies has a track record of success in software and web development. We deliver customised cost-competitive, scalable, and solid solutions after thoroughly analysing your organization's needs, industry, and product requirements. Our primary goal is to meet all of our customers' needs and requirements as quickly as possible. We develop software to help with e-commerce, content management, employee collaboration, and business process automation.


Throughout the software development lifecycle, our software experts will collaborate with you.

Project Administration

We use agile project management methodologies to encourage collaboration and ensure on-time delivery. A dedicated customer relationship manager, status reports, and frequent demo meetings are all part of the package.

Engineering of Databases

We understand the importance of a database to the success of your software. Our DBAs will assist you in designing, building, and deploying databases to support your applications.

Quality Control

Quality Assurance is an essential part of the software development process, and we assign QA specialists to each engagement.


Architecture of Software

The foundation on which your software is built is known as software architecture. Our experts can assist you in designing the best software architecture for your project, whether it is microservices or a monolithic app.

Software Safety

Security is an important aspect of software development and deployment, and our experts can assist you in ensuring that your software meets the most recent security standards.

Performance and Speed

We recognise the significance of performance and speed in your software. As a result, our experts will ensure that it is performance tested and tuned to handle high traffic and load.

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