About Us

Knowledgeable, Experienced Software People

LoreMine Technologies Private Limited started its operations with the objective to cater to the growing, challenging and interesting world of software technologies.


LoreMine Technologies Private Limited was incorporated in September 2012 in Cochin, India. The founders, Anil Kumar and Niranj, after spending around two decades with different organizations decided to chase their own dreams to build a globally reputed software consultancy  firm.


To become a globally reputed technology solutions provider that implements effective, reliable and value-for-money solutions across sectors.


We will implement cutting edge to technology solutions that will improve processes, save time and cost, and add significant value to our customers’ propositions. We will constantly update ourselves to understand, learn, and use emerging software technologies to translate ideas into value added solutions. We are committed to delivering the best possible quality in all our services.

People at LoreMine

LoreMine understands the importance of the people-process-technology synergy. People @ LoreMine have the knowledge, the experience,  and above all, the most vital ingredient – positive attitude – to deliver high quality products and services to their client base.


We believe in processes – not for the sake of the process itself but for the value they add to our projects, in defining, developing and delivering results on time with high accuracy and minimal disruption.


LoreMine’s quality conscious culture drives our improvement programs. Our developers adhere to rigorous quality standards benchmarked by extensive product testing. We use checklists, best practices, automation and tools to monitor and improve quality and establish processes that will enable us to continuously raise the bar even as we meet our benchmarks.

LoreMine Logo

A simple yet modern logo designed with stepping stones with the LM abbreviation in the form of a soaring bird or a diamond with wings. The stepping stones depict the start of a long and fruitful relationship with all our stakeholders. The soaring bird symbolises the aspiration to take to a higher level, whatever we touch. The diamond illustrates the strength and value of our commitments.