Case Studies

Our Case Studies show how we helped our clients to focus on their core business by providing the right software solutions.

We provide tailored technological solutions that satisfy your customers and help you expand your business. Real-world examples demonstrate our problem-solving ability and expertise better than anything else. Our experience has shown us that our clients remember when we stood firm in our determination to address an issue, despite the obstacles we encountered. Our initiatives succeed because of the power of innovation and our dedication to creating the best software. The case studies below show how LoreMine has overcome the most difficult challenges and achieved global corporate success.

We developed one of the best-in-class online-tutoring platforms that met client requirements. The features included a whiteboard for one-to-one and group classes, session scheduling, billing, student wallet, chat and more. Read the complete case study.

We successfully migrated the ColdFusion application to PHP Yii 2.0. The rewrite helped stop the server restarts, faster data publishing, quicker graphs and charts generation and reduced the cost of ownership. A lot of enhancements like recurring subscription payments, import of tax & employment data, data validation checks etc. were also done as part of the rewrite. To know more details, release the full case study.

Edugraff is an Australian EdTech company. They are providing a versatile and intuitive online tutoring platform for students, teachers and coaching centres.

ApartmentTrends by Austin Investor Interests, Texas, US offers the most comprehensive apartment research data for the US cities Austin and San Antonio for multi-family housing markets, since 1994.