Case Study

Case Studies

Our Case Studies show how we helped our clients to focus on their core business by providing the right software solutions.

We provide tailored technological solutions that satisfy our customers and help them expand their business. Real-world examples demonstrate our problem-solving ability and expertise better than anything else. Our experience has shown us that our clients remember when we stood firm in our determination to address an issue, despite the obstacles we encountered.
Our initiatives succeed because of the power of innovation and our dedication to creating the best software. The case studies below show how LoreMine has overcome the most difficult challenges and achieved global corporate success.


Online Tutoring Platform

We have developed one of the best-in-class online-tutoring platforms for students and teachers alike. The web application has features like whiteboard, one-to-one or group classes option, session scheduling, billing, online payment, wallet, chat and more. Read the complete case study for more details.

Multifamily Housing

The web application that we developed help the client to collect multifamily housing data, analyse, process and generate housing data reports for investors, brokers, reality managers, property developers, planners and lenders. The client was finding it difficult to manage large amount data with the system they had. We migrated and enhanced the application to an open-source platform. To know more details, read the full case study.

Fintech Company

A FinTech company that is providing a SaaS platform to manage FCA Finance and Insurance Compliance for the automotive dealers in the UK. We have successfully implemented a paperless easy, intuitive and efficient cloud-based web application to manage the finance and insurance compliance as per the FCA guidelines. The platform improves productivity, efficiency and document management. It is very cost-effective too. To know more, read the complete case study.

Plantation Company

An Indian plantation company, that has now diversified into Consumer Products, Natural Food Ingredients, Roofing solutions, Logistics, Nutraceuticals, Leather Products and many more. We have developed a solution that drastically reduced the workload of the finance department. The web application pulled data from the SAP system and presented the necessary finical reports required by the client’s customers. This is a very efficient, cost effective and easy to use application.