Exposing SAP data for external Client and Vendors

AV Thomas & Company is a 100-year-old Indian company. Stated as plantation company, it has now diversified into Consumer Products, Natural Food Ingredients, Roofing solutions, Logistics, Nutraceuticals, Leather Products and many more. 


Sending out account statements, invoices and TDS/TCS certifications to its clients and vendors numbering to a few thousands was a real cumbersome and time-consuming affair for the accounts department of this plantation company. 


Our suggestion was to create a few APIs to which data can be pushed directly from their SAP system. Finance data was pushed from the SAP system via the APIs to an AWS hosted MySQL database. Python with Django framework was used to build this solution. Clients/Vendors were given secured access to the system. They were able to generate the reports and download the documents by themselves. 


Workload of the finance-department got reduced by more than 10% by this implementation.  


This project is one of the best examples for how a proper technology implementation can really reduce the workload and increase the efficiency and productivity of finance departments. That too in a very minimal time and cost budget.



AV Thomas & Company 



FMCG / Manufacturing / Trading 



Anytime access to client/vendor account statements, TDS and TCS.

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