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ApartmentTrends by Austin Investor Interests, TX, US offers the most comprehensive apartment research data for the US cities Austin and San Antonio for multifamily housing markets, since 1994. AppartmentTrends is a company that collects, analysis and reports housing data for investors, brokers, managers, developers, planners and lenders. They collect data on a day to day basis and keep the database up to date. The collected data is published to the subscribers every quarter.


The client was gathering multifamily housing apartment data for Austin and San Antonio and presenting the same to its subscribers. The information provided was mix of units, types of units, rents, concessions, amenities, absorption rates, authentic property ownership, sales and a host of other options for slicing and dicing the data to meet the urgent needs of customers. In addition to comprehensive overviews of existing multifamily communities, they were also tracking the development pipeline — who is building what, where and when — as well as which properties are on the market or have been sold.


AppartmentTrends was using a Coldfusion application for almost two decades. As the data grew over the years, the Coldfusion server was not able to process the data. It started going down frequently, which led to repeated restart of the Coldfusion server and thus denial of service to the subscribers.


Since we have been working with Coldfusion applications from its very early stages, we understood the limitations quickly and suggested migrating the application to an open-source platform. The client was agreeable to our proposal.We successfully migrated the CF application to PHP Yii 2.0 and MySQL. Vue.js was used in a few areas to get a better User Experience. The solution is hosted in the Amazon AWS cloud.


  • No server restarts

  • Faster report generation

  • Faster data processing

  • Reduced cost of ownership (by using open-source platform instead of proprietary Coldfusion and MS-SQL)


It is essential to evaluate and make the right decision about the legacy applications. Migrating the legacy programs to a newer technology platform could be beneficial from both a performance and cost perspectives.



United States



Multi-family housing data



Data Analysis and Reporting

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