Loremine Technologies is one of the most popular and best ColdFusion Application Development company in Kochi, Kerala, India. Our developers specialise in creating sophisticated interactive apps and offer a variety of other Coldfusion / Railo / Lucee services.

ColdFusion is a web application development platform that was developed by Allaire Corporation before being acquired by Adobe Systems in 2005. It's a server-side scripting language that shares some similarities with Perl and JSP. Also, this technology is generally using to build dynamic web pages with database interaction.

With over 25 years of existance, ColdFusion is currently owned by Adobe Systems. The following are some of its most notable features:

  • It supports cross-platform frameworks.
  • It’s compatible with all major databases.
  • Makes it simple to construct interactive web applications. Solutions that are affordable
  • Load balancing across multiple Web server channels

ColdFusion was one of the first programming languages to include a template engine, making it popular with developers who sought to create their own content management systems. In terms of programming capabilities, the language is likewise highly powerful, as it enables full object-oriented programming and usually does not require any precompiled code. Railo, Lucee, FuseBox, ColdSpring, Lightwire, Coldbox, CF Wheels, Model-Glue, etc. are some the frameworks.

ColdFusion is a high-performance development framework that, unlike other platforms, can easily be linked with IT technologies such as SOAP web services, .NET, XML, Java, JSON, REST, and databases. It also has tough security requirements.


We have been working with Coldfusion from its very early versions. We have inhouse training for cross train developers in Coldfusion. As we work in many other development platforms, we can support you to migrate your existing application to any of the latest platforms.

We’ve helped entrepreneurs in a variety of industries, such as eCommerce, education, finance, healthcare, journalism, retail, non-profits, and more.

No, after we’ve discussed your website requirements with you, we’ll give you a quote. We strive diligently to ensure that the price quote provided is carefully adhered to.
It was. But now that we have the CF opensource versions like Lucee, the cost of ownership is equivalent to other similar platforms.
Yes, It is possible. We have skilled resources in multiple technologies to help you with migration. 

If you are in search of ColdFusion developers or if you would like to convert your legacy ColdFusion applications to any new technology platforms, we can help you