Latest App Development Trends

Latest App Development Trends

Latest App Development Trends for Your Business in 2022

Mobile App Development

From food apps to eCommerce applications, mobile applications have become an essential part of our daily lives. They consistently meet our needs. According to statistics, the typical smartphone user has about 40 apps on their smart devices. Another report asserts that users between the ages of 18 and 24 spend about 66% of their online time on mobile apps.

So, what are the various types of mobile applications, how are they created, and why are they such a significant innovation in modern times? Let's talk about it.

What are the different types of Mobile Applications?

Native Mobile Apps

A native mobile application is one that design and develop for a specific device platform, such as Android or iOS, using a special coding language. The device platform must grant access to the coding language chosen by developers in order for them to build a native application. Offline mobile games, dictionary apps, etc. are typical application features for this category. The native platform has the advantage of optimising the user experience. It can also operate more quickly and accurately because it design specifically for the platform.

Web Apps

Web applications are software applications that work on mobile devices in the same way that native mobile applications do. But there are important distinctions between web applications and native applications. Web apps need to have an active internet connection in order to function, but native mobile apps can operate in both offline and online modes. Online forms, shopping carts, and also email clients like Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL are examples of web apps.

Hybrid Mobile Apps

The benefits of native apps and mobile web are combined in hybrid apps. It is developed with Javascript, HTML, and CSS and works with mobile WebView. The Hybrid App can still use the device's capabilities, such as capture, GPS, vibration, etc. These are web applications that resemble native programmes quite closely. Like native applications, hybrid apps are also built on a single platform and made available through different app stores like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. When creating apps without the need for high-performance, full device access, hybrid apps work best.

Cross-Platform applications

The goal of these cross-platform apps is to solve the hybrid performance and cost issues that arise when writing in multiple native languages for each mobile platform. Although we frequently mix up hybrid apps and cross-platform apps, they are not the same thing. Perhaps the only thing they have in common is the ability to share source code.

A successful mobile application may also help your business, but in order to get there, you must create one that is pack with user-friendly features and has a high level of user engagement across the board. The proper technology must be chosen in order to develop mobile apps successfully. It’s understandable to become confusing given the variety of platforms and frameworks available to those who design mobile applications.

Which mobile app development framework will be the best is the first query that pops into your head before creating a cross-platform mobile application? Which development kit is faster? A simple answer to all these questions is Flutter. Since Google releases the Flutter mobile app SDK, it has become the foundation of several well-known cross-platform mobile applications.

What is Flutter?

Flutter App Development

Google develops the Flutter mobile app development framework. It can make cross-platform programmes for both Android and iOS. This open source framework offers a selection of ready-made components that programmers can utilise to create their applications. The Flutter framework helps developers produce high-quality apps with less code, which is beneficial for developers. It also supports layered structures, enabling faster customization of Flutter apps by developers. Even though Flutter allows for quick development, the quality of the apps is never compromised in any way.

Generally, Flutter adheres to a reactive development architecture in which the UI contents automatically change in response to changes in the variables. This idea was used by React Native, although it requires a JavaScript bridge to handle OEM widgets. Performance problems may result from this, which Flutter eliminates by totally erasing the bridge and fusing it with the application.

This is an object-oriented language that can compile into native code without the need for additional bridges. It significantly reduces the time taken for an app to start up. Flutter can use to create almost any app. Listed below are a few examples:

  • Banks and Fintechs;
  • Ecommerce and retail (including online stores and loyalty programs)
  • Large corporations/enterprises

What Popular Apps are Created Using Flutter?

When Google releases Flutter 1.20, the number of Flutter-built apps on the Play Store increases from 50,000 to 90,000. There were more than 150,000 Flutter apps on the Play Store when Flutter 2 releases in March 2021, and we predict that number will continue to rise as Flutter's popularity grows. Some of the popular flutter apps are:

Google AdWords

One of the most popular apps and the best marketing and advertising tools. This flutter-app tracks and analyses your ad campaigns in real time, including clicks, impressions, and also conversions.

The New York Times

The New York Times used Flutter to create a cross-platform app for their readers. New York Times, which is read by millions of people every day, was looking for new ways to engage readers and also improve the user experience.

eBay Motors

eBay Motors, an automobile portal, is one of the most popular Flutter apps. The app allows you to buy and sell vehicles and accessories, discover new listings, and also connect with car buyers and sellers.

Google Pay — Digital Transactions

Google Pay is one of the most popular digital payment apps in the world, with over 100 million users worldwide. The app enables users to pay for goods and services and accept digital payments in some of the world's most remote locations.

Why are apps built with Flutter Trending in 2022?

The following are the main reasons why flutter is a real deal:

  1. Eye-catching and personalised designs

Flutter allows you to create simple widgets or customise existing widgets as part of the app design and development process. As a result, developers can create more robust apps with less effort.

  1. It is supported by Google

Flutter is a fantastic Google SDK for developing native apps that work across desktop, web, and also mobile technologies from a single codebase. Google ensures that Flutter will provide a better user experience.

  1. Platform-Independent Codebase

Flutter SDK, as a cross-platform tool, allows developers to create apps for the web, mobile, as well as desktop using a single codebase. The technology runs entirely on its own, supporting both the iOS and Android mobile platforms.

  1. Consistent User Interface and Business Strategy Across All Platforms

Flutter has reusable widgets with common UI patterns. It eliminates the need to manually configure UI properties such as styling, colours, and so on. The UI and business logic for both Android and iOS flutter apps can change globally by editing the code.

  1. Requires less testing

Flutter for mobile app development requires less testing for developers. Because there is only one codebase, they only need to write automatic tests once. As testing becomes more efficient, marketing time decreases automatically.

  1. Faster Applications

Apps built with the flutter SDK are extremely functional. They work smoothly and also quickly, with no pauses between cutting and scrolling.

  1. It saves a lot of time

Flutter drastically reduces deployment time. You can make all of the changes right away without losing your existing app. You can also create UI, troubleshoot bugs, and add features without sacrificing the application’s speed or creation.

  1. Functionality comparable to native app functionality

Flutter applications are written in the Dart programming language, which eliminates the need for the JavaScript Bridge and compiles with native machine code. This also allows you to compile and launch your app much faster than you could with React Native, for example.

  1. Excellent App Responsiveness

Flutter apps can run on any existing platform and perform well without requiring any changes to Dart code or the platforms’ great designs. Flutter app development has already progressed from mobile to bring new opportunities for desktop as well as the web that are now in use.

  1. Clear documentation

The transparent and clear documentation of Flutter makes it a suitable option among the large cross-platform developer community. Flutter is elegant and also intelligent, and it does not necessitate additional effort to learn the language that flutter developers use.

TykVen Mobile Application

TykVen is a flutter application for the HVAC industry. It consists of a Technician Mobile application and an Admin App. The service provider can easily and quickly register requests from the client using the app. The app can be installed on smartphones, which provides the flexibility for technicians to work as per the task schedule. It offers a basic estimation of the job during the inspection. TykVen enables the Service Engineers to capture leads and additional business during their client visits. It does provide the customer with the clarity and financial insight and the time require to complete the job.

The service provider can easily and quickly register requests from the client using the TykVen app. Service engineers can generate work estimates in very simple steps and share them with the clients or their managers for approval. TykVen provides push notifications to the application for all important events. The team will get the latest information without any action from the user through push notifications. Customers can provide their feedback about the tasks. This helps improve the service levels. TykVen provides a variety of reports which help the organisation keep track of its profitability, resource utilisation, and more.

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