Pjax is a JavaScript library used to provide a web browsing experience that is more like a desktop application.

A great thing about pjax is that it's compatible with all browsers. It doesn't require any server-side changes. Another advantage is that it can reduce network usage because it reduces round-trips to the server when submitting forms. It also saves time spent waiting for a page to load because of having to reload after submitting a form.

The goal of PJAX is to eliminate the frustrating wait time after clicking a link in an AJAX application. It preloads the next page in the background and swaps with the current one when clicked, eliminating any lag time for users between clicking a link and loading a new page.

With Pjax, scrolling down a website will cause only a part of the website to be loaded at a time, instead of loading the entire page. This avoids downloading data in advance and offers benefits over traditional AJAX techniques, such as improved navigation and reduced server load.