Amazon Elastic IP

AWS provides a web service called Elastic IP address which additional layer of protection for one's AWS account. With AWS Elastic IP address, you can focus on your business with less worry about the stability of your systems.

An elastic IP address is a static external IP address that you can associate with a specific instance in AWS, and it remains associated with that instance even if the instance is terminated or restarted. You can assign a static IP address with Amazon Elastic IP to your EC2 instance. This will be the IP address that we assign to your instance when it starts and it will be the IP address that we will associate with this instance if it terminates. It is possible to have more than one Elastic IP attached to an EC2 instance. With Elastic IP, you can use one public IP address to send traffic to multiple AWS resources. This is useful for applications that need to be publicly accessible or for high-performance computing environments.

Amazon Elastic IPs are also useful because they give your EC2 instances an easy-to-remember domain name for accessing other resources on the Internet. It can attach it to multiple accounts, or to detach and attach it as needed. Maintain your cloud footprint and handle instances even when the service or software fails. Amazon Elastic IP's provide you with a static IP that is designed for dynamic cloud computing. All traffic will first be routed through the AWS Direct Connect link or through a VPN, and then to the Elastic IP address. Use Elastic IPs to mask the failure of software or instance from your AWS account with a simple remap. Your business needs the protection, security, and flexibility of Amazon Elastic IPs to survive in the cloud.