Enterprise web application development for Automotive, Finance, Travel, Real Estate, Healthcare, Insurance and Manufacturing industries. Developers with good knowledge of industry requirements.


There are over 1 billion cars worldwide.The automotive industry continues to be one of the world’s most important economic sectors by revenue.The sheer number of models, features, price range, customer expectations and market competition makes this industry very complex. IT solutions are crucial to monitor sales, manage finances, streamline processes, maintain high quality standards and increase efficiency and production.


Volatile capital markets around the world raise serious economic concerns. However, despite the volatility, the global market is poised to grow at 5%. This growth will bring with it new challenges, new standards for stability and demand for better regulation and management processes. The Finance industry provides a perfect platform for innovative IT solutions to help markets and businesses thrive, around the globe.

Automotive FCA Compliance

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a very powerful financial regulatory body in the UK. Financial firms providing services to customers are regulated by FCA to maintain their integrity. It is mandatory for firms to comply with its code of conduct. There are many systems and procedures that need to be followed and documentation to be maintained with this regard. We have built ComplianceTrak with the sole objective to make these process easy for Automotive dealers. The system helps the dealers with their FCA compliance requirements.


Travel & tourism acts as a universal bridge connecting people, cultures, and communities all over the world. The Travel industry plays a major role in the global economy by creating jobs, generating wealth, promoting trade, and offering new cultural experiences to the global citizen. The industry also helps ancillary industries such as the hospitality industry, local craft industries and the transport industry among others, to grow and flourish. Technology solutions can make connectivity and travel planning faster and cheaper.

Real Estate

The Real Estate industry was deeply affected by the global economic crisis in the year 2008 and analysts say that the industry will remain flat for another year or so. Regardless, existing properties need continued maintenance. IT applications can track the trends, costs and availability of properties in the industry.


The Healthcare industry is probably the only industry whose profitability is inversely proportional to economic downturn. It is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries. It accounts for over 10% of the GDP of most developed nations. Technological innovations play a significant role in service delivery, record keeping, health insurance processes and timeliness and accuracy of care.


The basics of insurance are simple: guaranteed future payment for a contracted event. Premium calculations are the most complex segment of the industry. Complex stochastic probability models are used to calculate the probability of a given event’s occurrence. IT solutions can greatly help in enhancing the efficacy of the process, in saving time and in greater accuracy of calculations.


The Manufacturing sector plays a critical role in creation and retention of jobs that offer a good standard of living for employees and their families. Manufacturing has long been a dynamic economic sector, registering remarkably sustained productivity growth. Manufacturing is directly linked to and affects the other sectors of the economy. The sector relies heavily on technology solutions to ensure optimization of resources, enhance productivity, maintain and monitor quality and for innovation.