Dedicated-Resource Model (Monthly Retainer)

Where to Use This Model?

Our specialised team will work with you from start to finish in this model. The Monthly Retainer Model is typically utilised for long-term collaborations that need a large amount of work. The dedicated team’s billing is based on the hourly rates of the developers. This strategy enables you to establish or expand your core staff for low-risk operations.

How it Works?

Business owners provide us with a general list of project needs, and we assemble a team of experts who are best suited for the job. We do not hire freelancers. All of our developers are working full-time at LoreMine.

The client has entire command and control over the team, which includes our professionals assigned to the project team. We offer developers a lean environment to work on your project.

We are responsible for the project’s overall quality and services supplied, and we will intervene if necessary. Customers benefit from an expedited time-to-market advantage, as well as a highly cost-effective alternative for customers that require ongoing offshore assistance.

What Are the Benefits?

  • Professional Developers Working just for You
  • Ability to Choose and Lead a Team
  • The Highest Level of Flexibility and Control
  • Budget predictability and cost-cutting
  • Fixed Monthly Programmer Cost

Things to Remember

Before implementing this strategy, it is critical for business and startup clients to be aware of the drawbacks.

When used to long-term projects, the model is more efficient. When the project is short-term, it is preferable to choose a different development model.

You must be fully involved in the process of selecting team members. Otherwise, a dedicated team’s efforts may provide disappointing results.