Coldfusion Framework

ColdFusion Frameworks

CFML (ColdFusion Markup Language) is a programming language that is stable, secure and simple to learn. It simplifies difficult development issues. There are many great CFML frameworks available to create elegant applications that adhere to industry standards. Frameworks are a type of ready-made solution for frequently occurring problems, as well as a standard or protocol for writing cleaner and more uniform code. There are numerous frameworks; you must select the appropriate one to achieve the best results for your project. CFWheels, FuseBox, ColdSpring, ColdBox, Mach II, Model-Glue, and FW/1 - Framework One are some well-maintained / active CFML MVC frameworks. We recommend the usage of any such framework for ColdFusion projects.


ColdBox is a ColdFusion MVC development framework based on conventions. It includes reusable code and tools for increasing development productivity, as well as a development standard for working in team environments. ColdBox is built on a modular architecture that addresses the majority of the infrastructure concerns of typical web applications. It works in tandem with CommandBox CLI to provide automations, scaffolding, OS integration, and much more. ColdBox is the only CFML framework that offers integration and Behavior Driven testing through TestBox.


Framework One (FW/1)

FW/1 – Framework One is a collection of small, lightweight frameworks that use convention-over-configuration. While it has evolved over time, it has remained a single file that is focused on getting out of your way and providing the intuitive plumbing you require. FW/1 now includes DI/1, a simple, convention-based Dependency Injection framework, and AOP/1, a simple, convention-based Aspect-Oriented Programming framework, as of release 3.1. Using the ‘subsystems’ feature, you can even merge multiple FW/1 applications together, allowing you to create very large web sites in a modular and scalable manner.



CFWheels is an open source ColdFusion Markup Language framework inspired by Ruby on Rails that provides fast application development, a great code organisation system, and is simply enjoyable to use. CF Wheels is a comprehensive framework with a plethora of features. It includes “resource-based routing for GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE” as well as a “built-in database migration system that works across multiple DBMS.” You could use cfwheels’ built-in doc viewer, which expands with your application and requires only minor markup.



Fusebox is a free and simple web development framework that organises your code for fewer development bugs and faster maintenance. It has a low overhead during runtime. It was designed primarily for ColdFusion, but it also has PHP and ASP versions. Fusebox is completely extensible via plugins, allowing you to extend core functionality without touching the core files. Because the core files of Fusebox 4 and 5 do not require ColdFusion components, the framework code is procedural rather than object-oriented.


Mach II

Mach-II is an open source, object-oriented MVC framework for CFML engines that focuses on making software development and maintenance easier. Mach-II includes sophisticated caching and logging functionality, as well as a very nice dashboard for assisting with application development and monitoring. It includes a robust form tag library with data binding. Mach-II was the first object-oriented framework for CFML engines, and it is intended to make it easier for CFML engine developers to build and maintain large-scale applications.


Model-Glue (MG)

Model-Glue CFML is an MVC-based full stack front controller. Model-Glue is an event-based, implicit invocation framework, as it is known among software engineers and application developers. This is useful for larger projects that require interaction with other applications or apps that require different front ends. It is designed to allow framework customizations without requiring any core files to be edited. Model-Glue configures itself using the ColdSpring framework.



ColdSpring is a ColdFusion web application framework based on the Java Spring Framework. Its ability to provide complementary services to other applications and frameworks is a well-known strength. Coldspring aspect-oriented programming also allows you to expose services to remote invocations by using remote proxies. It is supported by most MVC frameworks, including Model-Glue, Mach-II, and Fusebox, via plugins. Coldspring is an excellent choice among the many frameworks available if you intend to build large applications.


We will be happy to help you with your ColdFusion projects or to convert your legacy CF applications to a new technology stack.