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Our blogs throw insights on how the existing and emerging technology platforms, frameworks, solutions and libraries can bring efficiency and productivity to the business. In today's world, a tech-enabled business has more value than other models.

Top 6 Benefits of Going Paperless for Your Business

Top 6 Benefits of Going Paperless for Your Business For businesses, the market is competitive. The constant pressure to improve efficiency and cut costs while maintaining a high level of customer service is a challenge. Going paperless is a great … Read More

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Startups and European Energy Crisis

How Startup companies can benefit from European Energy Crisis? The world entered a global energy crisis in 2021. The European energy market is now caught between a rock and a hard place in 2022, with short-term gas prices five times … Read More

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Avoid failure in EdTech Industry

Top 6 tips for Startups to Avoid failure in EdTech Industry EdTech: A New Method of Learning and Teaching through Technology Edtech startups are sprouting up at an alarming rate. Each promise to solve a problem, transform education, outperform competitors … Read More

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excellent time to start a business

Why is a recession an excellent time to start a business? Recession: A Difficult Period in the Global Economy Recessions are difficult times. People lose their jobs, businesses fail, and the lucky ones absorb the losses from their cash reserves. … Read More

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Agritech and traditional farming

How can Agritech transform traditional farming methods to be more profitable? New Age Technology in Agriculture Two of humanity’s most serious threats, population growth and climate change, will have a direct impact on agriculture’s future. With more mouths to feed … Read More

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Latest App Development Trends

Latest App Development Trends for Your Business in 2022 Mobile App Development From food apps to eCommerce applications, mobile applications have become an essential part of our daily lives. They consistently meet our needs. According to statistics, the typical smartphone … Read More

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