For over 10 years, LoreMine Technologies has been developing software solutions to assist small and medium enterprises in managing their vital infrastructure and innovations for the future. We offer actionable insights to optimise spending, rapidly build solutions, and meet growing business demands by providing real-time visibility. A few of our software solutions are ComplianceTrak, for the FCA Finance and Insurance compliance for the automotive dealers in the UK, TykVen, for HVAC service providers to manage their tasks and clients, Kwikart, for small and medium businesses to go online with their products and services, Fila, for small groups like resident associations and clubs to manage their members, memberships, notifications and events.


An FCA Principle Firm offering cost-effective FCA Compliance solutions for Automotive Dealers in the UK.


Easy to use and Quick to setup online shopping cart built-in WooCommerce platform.


Free mobile application for friend circles to maintain contacts and manage subscriptions.