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Proof of Presence

The cloud-based solution helps to confirm the exact location of the workforce. Ideal for security patrols, facility management companies, manpower supper companies to present location and time-based attendance reports.

Proof of Compliance

Ideal SaaS-based solution to replace paper logs for service of types of equipment, checkups of fire extinguishers, cleaning status etc.Automatic escalation of issues and daily reports help to easily monitor compliance.

Key and Asset management

An effective solution to log and track keys and other portable assets. Automated return reminders help in improved security and tracking. Historical records help in audits too.

Proof of Identity

Digitally secure identity cards which cannot be copied or cloned. Ensures that the right person can only use the identity. Ideal for all operations where personnel identity verification is important.


A very simple and low-cost mailroom system to identity and track all the inbound and outbound emails and couriers. Very useful for large campuses, buildings, factories and other facilities where the volume of mails ae high.


An essential system that can help facility management companies to train their personnel effectively. Can conduct tests and issue certificates after training using this cost-effective and hassle-free platform.

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