Enterprise web application development using Coldfusion / Railo / Lucee.

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A robust, scalable and high-performance application server for rapid enterprise web application building and deployment. Coldfusion developers enjoy features like File indexing and searching based on Apache Solr, Server clustering, Task scheduling, Charting and reporting.

We were big fans of ColdFusion since 1999. This rapid web development platform with simple tag based syntax and easy database connectivity quickly pulled Perl and PHP developers towards CF. From CFML 4.0, when it was with Allaire the platform steadily made progress. From Microsoft Visual C++ the base code was moved to Java with its own runtime engine with the release of CF MX 6.0. Allaire was taken over by Macromedia and then Macromedia by Adobe. All these years’ developers were happy churning out projects very quickly compared to other platforms.

Lately the acceptance of CF has consistently declined mainly due to high cost of ownership (not to ignore the open source CF variant Railo and BlueDragon) and lack of support from the developer community.

For some, it really does not make sense to invest in ColdFusion or Railo any more, especially when you have more powerful and robust open source platforms like LAMP. Number of trained resources in CF or Railo is becoming scarce which could jeopardize the project timelines and budget.

As far as we are concerned, maintaining a good team of Coldfusion developers is important. This will help us to cater to the hardcore CF enthusiasts on one part and those who want to convert their ColdFusion projects to open source platforms like PHP/MySQL on the other.