Business Associates

We are on the look out for business associates all over the globe with strong marketing skills. If you are an individual or organization who has leads, projects and/or product ideas and are looking for a reliable and cost-effective team for long-term association, get in touch with us.

Business Associates

  • Zero investment revenue stream.
  • Virtual ownership of highly talented and technically competitive team.
  • Deliver projects on your own behalf.
  • Mark-up prices without constraints.
  • Complete focus on customer relationship.
  • Tension free project delivery.

" We will never contact your customer. You can focus on customer relationships, marketing and sales. We will take care of the rest."

Follow these simple steps to associate with us:

  • Visit our services page or write to us to know about the services we offer.
  • Send in your requirements. You can keep your client identity confidential.
  • We will provide you a cost estimate. We do not impose mark-up constraints.
  • We will take care of the entire project life cycle: from design to development, project management, quality testing and maintenance.
  • Pay us on 30:40:30 basis. i.e., 30% advance, 40% on milestone deliveries and balance 30% on completion.